AONSA Prize 2023

Awardee: Professor Yasuhiko Fujii

We send hearty congratulations to Professor Yasuhiko Fujii from Japanese Society for Neutron Science, awardee of the AONSA Prize 2023 for his outstanding achievements in the structural and dynamical study of phase transitions of condensed matter by neutron scattering, promotion of the neutron science in Japan as well as the national user program for neutron scattering facilities, and dedicated contributions for the promotion of neutron science in the Asia- Oceania region. Prof Yasuhiko Fujii will deliver the AONSA Prize Lecture during the conference on December 6, 2023.

About the awardee

Prof. Yasuhiko Fujii is an AONSA founding member and served as the Board member, vice-President and President during the first seven years of AONSA. In his career, he served as Professor of University of Tsukuba, Professor and Chair of Neutron Scattering Laboratory and ISSP University of Tokyo, Director of Neutron Science Research Center, JAERI, Deputy Director and Director General of Quantum Beam Science Directorate, JAEA, and Director of Research Center for Neutron Science and Technology, CROSS.

Prof. Fujii has made great contributions to the field of neutron scattering and application in Asia, as well as to the activities of AONSA for many years. He has an outstanding research career, in which expertise in neutron scattering is central, including in neutron scattering method development.

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