SCompany Introduction
Established in 2008 and during 15 years operation, Beijing Huanhe Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing high-performance radiation measurement products and services to our users. We cooperate with the world's best radiation measurement product suppliers to bring the best solutions to domestic users in scientific research, safeguards, homeland security and environmental monitoring and other application fields.

Cooperated Brand and Products

RS is one of the earliest manufacturers of neutron detection equipment and has always been an industry leader in the fields of neutron scattering, safeguards and homeland security.
1. He-3 Position Sensitive Detector (PSD)
2. He-3 Neutron Proportional Counter
2. He-3 Neutron Proportional Counter
3. Environmental ray monitor

ISMA (Institute for Scintillation Material)
A world-renowned scintillator R&D and production institute, its products are used in high-energy physics, nuclear medicine, environmental monitoring, security inspection systems and other fields.
1.Scintillator: high-performance large-volume NaI scintillator, and CsI, ZnSe, BGO and other scintillator
2.Polystyrene plastic scintillator

CDT (CASCADE Detector Technologies)
Relying on Heidelberg Universit, CDT is leading the modern neutron detection technology based on GEM detectors. Its products have already been used ESS and other facilities.

1. CASCADE 2D neutron detector system
2. Multi-channel readout electronics
Excellent experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance neutron detection screens (based on Lithium-6).

Kuraray’s unique manufacturing method give its fiber better performance as a radiation-detecting material.
1. Wavelength Shifting Fibers
2. Scintillating Fibers

Build-in Electronic Modules
We provide customer-designed electronic modules, such as pre-amplifier modules for scintillators, MCA and DAQ boards.

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