TANSI Company Profile

Established in 2004, Nanjing TANSI Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales and technical services of particle ultrafast imaging, accessories related to electron microscopes/optical microscopes/XCT, laboratory equipment, and consumables. With a highly experienced team, our core staff members have over 15 years of work experience. We are dedicated to providing excellent product quality and after-sales service to our esteemed customers. Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, we offer comprehensive technical support and services for the entire Chinese market, with a focus on sales in the southern region. We also have a branch office in Beijing, responsible for sales and service in northern China. Through nearly two decades of effort, our clientele spans across renowned universities, research institutes, government agencies, and corporate entities nationwide.
Product Portfolio:
We have established distribution relationships with internationally renowned brands, enabling us to offer a diverse range of products in the Chinese market. Our collaborations include brands such as ASI (Netherlands, Hybrid pixel timestamp high-speed cameras for X-ray photon and particle research); Safematic (Switzerland, electron microscope sample coating equipments); Deben (UK, cold stages, tensile stages, SEM detector accessories); Tousimis (USA, critical point dryers); JC Nabity (USA, NPGS); Dragonfly (Canada, 3D image processing and analysis software); PIE (USA, tabletop and remote plasma cleaners); Micro to Nano (Netherlands, microscopy consumables); Labspinner (South Korea, extracellular vesicle separation and purification systems, exosome extraction kits); ATTO (Japan, electrophoresis gel imaging and bioluminescence detection imaging), and more. Notably, we take pride in our strategic partnership with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. (ASI), renowned globally for its comprehensive range of detectors tailored for various particles, including electrons, photons, X-rays, neutrons, and ions. ASI's Chronos series detector cameras, produced in the Netherlands, are renowned for their unparalleled time resolution (1.56 nanoseconds), event capture speed of up to 300 million events per second, room temperature noiseless detection, and seamless data integration. These cameras, suitable for quantum science, neutron science, VMI, and mass spectrometry, utilize parallel readout technology, eliminating dead time and providing nanosecond-level event data. Additionally, the series features API-based control software and a GUI for seamless integration into experiments. ASI is synonymous with innovation. Together, we bring you highly advanced and specialized detector technologies that redefine the limits of scientific exploration.

Commitment to Excellence:
At TANSI Technology Co., Ltd., we prioritize integrity in sales and exceptional service. We advocate for a corporate culture of development, authenticity, friendliness, and innovation. We continually strive to provide advanced products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. To demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we actively participate in academic conferences, seminars, and various exhibition events. Following the guiding principle of "providing excellent quality and service to customers," we have established a comprehensive customer tracking, document management, and customer follow-up system, achieving favorable economic and social outcomes.
We warmly welcome individuals and organizations from all walks of life to collaborate with TANSI Technology and join the TANSI family!


电话:+86 25 85432178、85432278
电话:+86 10-62908712
Web: www.tansi.com.cn
Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. Profile
Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. has detectors for all kinds of particles: electrons, photons, X-rays, neutrons and ions. We design and manufacture highly advanced and customized detector solutions for researchers that need something better than the standard solution.

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